Austin, Texas is fast becoming the new fashion capital of middle America. With its booming music industry, and creative food scene, the rest of the arts are of course following right along and blossoming in a huge way. So it was a natural fit When Justin Brown decided to start the Brown Modelling Agency in Austin. Justin had the foresight to see what was coming down the road, and in many ways was the main player in bringing about the boom in Austin fashion.


Justin, at a young age, was working with many of the biggest agencies on the west coast, and there learned to ply his craft. He developed an eye for true talent, and had a knack for placing that talent in the right place at the right time. Justin has brought that amazing skill set to Texas, and is making all the right moves in the flourishing fashion industry.


At first Justin Brown thought that he would do what he has always done: find the talent, get them some work, and then get them placed with one of the major agencies in New York or Los Angeles. However, as the fashion scene in Austin has grown(in large part thanks to Justin), he is now seeing the need to keep talent local. Justin has developed that Austin independent attitude, and is working toward making Austin the powerhouse in the fashion industry.


Justin Brown is by no means a complacent man, and had vision for more than just a small thriving fashion industry in Austin. With the acquisition of Heyman Talent South (a rival agency), came the creation of the new theatrical division of the agency. The head of the new division, Michael Bonnee, wasted no time and has already been making bookings for their talent on some major shows. Think I’m blowing smoke? Some of the shows they have booked their talent on are ‘The Leftover’, ‘American Crime’ and ‘Queen of the South’. It should be noted that these are not parts as extras in the background, these are all recurring roles on the shows. That means they are making dreams come true.


The Brown Modelling Agency is not some ivory tower institution. Justin takes every opportunity he can to show gratitude to the community of Austin. “I just want to thank the community overall, they supported us when we were just getting started, and we really look forward to working with them for the next five, ten, twenty, forty years down the road,” says Justin. So look out New York and Los Angeles. Look out Paris and Milan. Thanks to Justin Brown, and his team at the Brown Modelling Agency, Austin is the new fashion capital to contend with. You can visit their Instagram page.