For years, the Craft Brewery industry in Canada has been one of the largest. Before World War I, Canada was a home for the more than 117 large independent breweries. Although the few now dominate the market, the market is one of the most significant contributors to the country’s economy. The craft breweries have taken a small but growing share of the market, buoyed by the demand for better and more flavorful beer than what the larger companies are offering.


Ten years ago, the craft beer industry controlled 4 % of the Canadian market, but today, it has significantly grown in some provinces, driven in part by government subsidies. By 2015, it accounted for 10 % of the Canadian beer market and the number will be as high as it goes. Industry experts are yet to determine the cause of the increasing demand for craft beer; perhaps it’s due the growth of cosmopolitan culture where people are beginning to appreciate the diverse flavors. Regardless, it is clear that other beers flavors are losing customers to craft beers.


Notable Craft Breweries in Canada


The first modern craft brewer in the country was Horseshoe Bay brewing founded in 198 followed by many other such as Spinnakers and Vancouver Island Brewery, Granville, Bricks Brewery and many other. Today, the craft beer owned by major companies includes Hop City, Creemore, and Unibroue. Steamworks owned by Eli Gershkovitch has also emerged as one of the biggest players in the industry.

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About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch had ensured that Steamworks group of companies is at the forefront in revolutionizing the craft beer industry, not by changing the original method when he started the company in 1995, but by sticking to the vision, he had back then. Streamwork opened with a capacity of 184 seats, a capacity that grew to 754 seats by 2013.


Under the guidance of Eli Gershkovitch, Streamwork expanded to a full-fledged brewery. Since then, the brewery has grown from 2000-hectoliter facility to a 40,000-hectoliter facility. Despite his continuous success, Eli Gershkovitch remains casual at all times, offering him the freedom and the openness rarely found in other CEOs.


Competitors are amazed at Mr. Eli Gershkovitch’s passion in business. Initially, he started as a lawyer, and it is through his career that he realized the untapped potential in the craft beer market (WingsJournal). Through his passion, his brand sells in 14 states in the U.S and many parts of the Canadian provinces. Eli Gershkovitch acknowledges that search for fulfillment will offer different paths, but he encourages other aspiring business people to build something fulfilling to other people.

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