The fashion market is always changing, and while many trends come and goes, one trend that is here to stay is the style of fitness clothing and athleisure apparels. The market for athleisure products has grown sharply in the last few years, and it continues to rise at a staggering pace. Fabletics is a brand that has become highly popular from the time of its inception in 2012.



It is a highly famous athleisure brand for women and sells athleisure apparels from size XXS to 3X. It means that it is suitable for a wider audience, and the fact that it continues to innovate and develop new and creative designs and patterns has made Fabletics even more popular among its target audience.



Kate Hudson is the leading name in the Hollywood and has millions of fans across the globe. She is one of the partners at Fabletics and has helped the brand to become hugely popular among the target audience. Kate Hudson has helped inspire many women to lead a healthy lifestyle and revive their health, and Fabletics helps them to stay motivated with the fitness clothing and gear it provides. She noticed that before Fabletics, there was hardly any genuine brand in the market that offered fitness clothing and athleisure products at affordable price.



In an interview, she even recalled that some of the brands sold Yoga pants at close to $200 or more. It is why she believes Fabletics is popular among the women these days. It offers affordable athleisure products and comes with excellent quality. Moreover, Fabletics has managed to build a good brand value in the market, which has helped the brand to gain substantial business and growth since the time of its inception.



Fabletics also penetrated the consumer market successfully because of the reverse showroom technique. The company after creating a positive brand identity in the market planned to open physical stores across the country. Today, it has 18 stores in different states across the country, and as per the management, much more would be opened shortly. It is the strategy of the company to ensure that the customers remain with the brand and that it continues to grow at a consistent pace.



Reverse showroom technique is a modern business and marketing strategy, and many other companies have implemented it in the past, including Apple and Warby Parker. For people looking to join Fabletics as a VIP member, taking the business’s Lifestyle Quiz at its official website is highly recommended.