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Geoffre Cone Promotes Moving to a Different Country

There are many things that Geoffrey Cone is able to do as someone who is a global attorney. He wants to make sure that people are getting the best out of every situation and that they are doing the most depending on the country that they have chosen to live in. This is something that he does as a professional and something that he has been successful at doing during his time.


When people are looking for a place to live, they often consider the taxes that are in that place. They want to make sure that they are in a place that is comfortable but that does not have extremely high taxes that they will be made to pay when they are in the country. People who move to different countries are always making sure that they can get the most out of the different options that these countries have so that they can save money.


New Zealand is one place where a lot of people move to so that they can help save money on the different things that they have to pay taxes on. One of the things that people do most often when they are moving to New Zealand is think that they will not have to pay high taxes. This is not something that anyone should do because New Zealand has taxes that are average for the country that it is. People who move to New Zealand for taxes are disappointed to find that the country only has tax transparency for its residents.


Tax transparency means that they are open about the taxes in the country. There are no hidden taxes and people will know what they are going to have to pay on a yearly basis. The country publishes reports on the different things that people will need to pay taxes on. This changes from year to year and New Zealand is always sure to publish the information on it. They want to make sure that they can do more in the country that they are in than in the other countries that have no taxes.


If people are looking for a place to live because of taxes, they need to check some of the tax havens. Even though they may not have to pay as much in taxes in that country, they may be giving up much more than what they have done with other countries and in other areas where they could live at.


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  1. Nelly Jay

    These countries are included on a list and include countries that have very reduced taxes or no taxes at all. It is important that people who are considering moving to these countries take the time to research the country. It is definitely a cool way for me to write a thesis about is currently going on in these countries mentioned.

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