When you really study the full scope of the man’s life, there is actually a lot to like about Hungarian-born Billionaire George Soros. Even though the man has literally become a conservative pin cushion for some of his progressive views, his immense philanthropy has supported many worthwhile causes and improved the lives of many marginalized people.

What motivates George Soros to donate up to $12 billion of his own wealth to support the plight of such people as the Roma people in Europe and sex trafficking as well? A lot of it probably comes from the man’s personal background.

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Born into a Jewish family in Hungary in 1930, Soros saw firsthand some of the horrors of his Nazi occupied country from 144 to 1945. Soros and his family survived, but only by living under false papers and assumed names. He and his family had to conceal their background literally everywhere they went. Needless to say, Soros is very proud of the fact that his family not only survived, but they helped others to survive as well.

It is this same vein that Soros began his philanthropy efforts. In 1979, he established a scholarship fund for black South Africans who were burdened under the apartheid system. This scholarship was a boon to many South Africans and literally made the whole country a much better place! Just imagine if you had an incredibly bright South African youngster who would normally have had a whole world of opportunities opened up to him. But even though he was a straight-A student, there is no college in South Africa that he can get funding for because of the cruel apartheid system.

It is because of George Soros’ first scholarship endeavor in 1979 that many South African men and women are doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. Because of Soros’ progressive thinking, there are many individuals who have much much better lives because of the deeds of those who were the recipient of this scholarship.

Soros was also active after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He created Central European University, which has become noted for critical thinking. This university was literally almost the first of its kind for that type of education approach.

In a nutshell, George Soros has contributed much to Europe, literally spending 70 percent of his wealth in order to help his fellow man. It is unfortunate indeed that some might want to paint this man in an unfavorable light simply because of politics. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com.