Waltons Heating and Air-conditioning, a family-owned HVAC company was recently purchased by Goettl Air-conditioning. Waltons is based out of Southern California. The owner of Walton’s Air-conditioning Service, Todd Longbrake, said that he decided to part with the company because he had taken it as far as he could. Ultimately, this transaction will give Goettl a lucrative presence in Southern California. Goettl has been in business since the late 1930’s, mostly in Arizona and Nevada. When Todd was first approached with an offer by Goettl, he admits on ArchNews.com that he was reluctant to be part of the Goettl team.

However, after doing some research on the company, he was happy with what he heard and decided to go forward with the deal. Todd was also impressed with Goettl’s owner, Ken Goodrich. The deal was done in the middle of 2015 and since then Waltons business has grown 10 times compared to their usual number. Goettl invited Longbrake to stay on with the company and he is busy working as a sales manager and field supervisor. In fact, Ken Goodrich has become impressed with Todd’s commitment and says that he has become a leader of sorts at the newly merged company.

Goettl: A Brief History

Goettl Air-conditioning service is practically a legend in the Arizona-Nevada area. Serving mostly Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, the company first opened its doors in 1939. Armed with more than 70 years in the heating and cooling business, the company has gained a reputation on glassdoor.com for being a customer friendly organization that gives the highest level of service. Indeed, Goettl was a pioneer of sorts in the air-conditioning business. It was the first to create the evaporate cooler, which is what gave the company international fame. At one time, the company owned nearly a hundred patents, related to HVAC technology.

The company is named after the Goettl brothers, who were John, Adam, and Bill. They first cut their teeth in the business in Mansfield, Ohio way back in 1926. It was after they moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1939, that they started Goettl Air-conditioning company. This was during the depression era and despite this, the company quickly did well and established itself as a leader of sorts in the HVAC business. Now with the purchase of Walton’s they can continue this tradition in southern California and achieve even greater heights as a result.