Since End Citizens United was first formed, they have been doing what they can to make sure that the political playing field is as level as possible. They believe that politics in the United States should be fair and the way that it is now is far from fair. Since End Citizens United knows a lot about what the political aspects of America are like, they are confident that they can bring the change that is necessary to make things better for citizens who also just want things to be fair for the people who they are working with. Since End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to bringing change, they are committed to doing this and they will stop at nothing until they have accomplished the goals that they have for the area that they are in with the different political outlooks in the United States.


Citizens United was something that End Citizens United believes never should have passed. The bill allowed corporations to participate in politics in the way that a citizen would be able to do. This, essentially, made the corporations the same as citizens and took away the rights that many citizens had worked so hard for. It was a bill that made little sense and only did things to bolster politicians. They were able to get more out of it but the people who were voting really weren’t. It would be impossible for a citizen to ever donate as much to a politician as what a corporation is able to do.


Since the Citizens United has passed, there have been so many changes to it. These changes all involve things like the way that it is enforced and what people will be able to do with it if they only do the things that they can to donate the money that they have. This is problematic because anything that does not have a clear set of rules can be detrimental to the politics in the United States. For those who want to make sure that they are getting things done the right way, they need to work to fight the bill with End Citizens United.


Despite the fact that Citizens United caused many problems in the last election, it is something that can be changed. End Citizens United is hoping that they will be able to make the changes that are necessary to eliminate the bills and eliminate the problems that come from the bills. While they are just an organization, they believe that they will be able to make it better for people who are in different situations and who want to see all of the changes that can come from what the bill is able to provide.