Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur, mentor, and techie. He is known for his exceptional abilities to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, create new performance methodologies, and guiding startup companies. Wakeman established itself as an authority in the tech world when he founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a SaaS company, in 2015.


Education and career background


As an individual who holds BS in economics and MBA in finance, Glen Wakeman managed to put his knowledge into practice by working for several companies (Facebook). Glen Wakeman is also credited as the founder of Nova Four.


Glen Wakeman relied on a five-step performance methodology, which he developed when pursuing his entrepreneurial journey. The method stresses on leadership power, human capital, execution and risk management in business. Wakeman also used this idea as part of other insights that he shares through writing. His writings are themed on administrative strategies and fiscal economics.


As a market strategist, Wakeman advises counsels of corporate groups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. He is also active in matters regarding transformative business opportunities. He has been cited severally providing advice for international financing, angel investing, and capital raising. Wakeman managed to operate in six countries while running more than 30 officers.

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LaunchPad Holdings LLC


LaunchPad was born as a result of Glen Wakeman’s efforts to match ideas with money. When coming up with LaunchPad, he wanted to design a simple software platform. To him, the platform required a structure that revolves around individual ideas. Wakeman currently oversees the operations of his software company. His work involves reviewing the service performance, cash totals, and sales.

As a way of improving LaunchPad, Glen Wakeman and his team usually research on current customer trends. They also review inquiries, monitor what the company’s competitors are doing, and respond to communications. Wakeman is impressed by the way machine learning is being used to solve business problems. He believes that machine learning can help business owners like him come up with improvements in overall quality, speed, and decision-making. Wakeman also prefers to meditate on his ideas before conceptualizing them. His curiosity to learn new things makes him productive as an entrepreneur.