Securus Technologies has in the past years connected all incarnated families and people by offering them with fast communication services at affordable rates. The firm which was established in 1986 has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and has in the past years put innovation at the forefront in all their daily operations. With its highly experienced team of employees, the firm has successfully invented new and modern devices through which they have offered telephone services as well as account opening services to inmates to ensure that they get to save money for their future use. Securus Technologies has seen the increase in security in the various correctional facilities through the easy monitoring that the security officers use to track the activities of the detainees.

The excellent leadership skills exercised by its managers have seen Securus Technologies emerge to be among the best providers of security services to correctional facilities. Through this, the firm has attracted a vast number of customers and in turn, established more of its affiliates in the various parts of the United States. Within the first three years of its operation, Securus Technologies successfully acquired at least six hundred million dollars out of its technologies, patents as well as acquisitions. The vast profits earned by the firm have marked its growth since its establishment. Due to the ever-changing needs of its customer, Securus Technologies has always observed high standards of operation as well as the invention of modern devices for fast communication.

Securus Technologies strives to provide sophisticated and innovative technological environments of operation, and due to the dedication exercised by its team of employees, the firm has met most of is goals. Through the technical support that the company offers to its clients, it has seen them grow tremendously to establish more of its affiliates across the roader parts of the country.