Jason Hope is a big believer in The Internet of Things,and it is becoming very apparent that it is becoming more and more of a reality. It’s no secret that the internet is changing the very way that everyday things function and are utilized.

According to a prediction made by Gartner Inc., an astounding 25 billion things will be connected by the year 2020. A beacon is a useful device that relays the information that it gathers and Bluetooth beacon technology is a key part of the Internet of Things. These days it is not uncommon for beacons in the form of sensor-embedded stickers to be on almost any and everything.

37 percent of airlines are already implementing practices solely around The Internet of Things, and 58 percent of them are planning to implement funds and resources in the next three years towards these practices.

Jason Hope is considered to be a “futurist,” and he is also a technology entrepreneur. He believes that The Internet of Things will make travel much less stressful and that travel will actually become a much better experience for the traveler-luxurious even. Such thoughts as your luggage tracking you down instead of the other way around is not too far-fetched these days. It may also be the norm for airlines to track the location of their passengers and can accommodate their flight so that they can make it to their destination on time-namely their flight.

Jason Hope knows that The Internet of Things is an advanced technology that benefits not only companies but consumers as well. EasyJet recently partnered with the Gatwick airport in London and launched the Mobile Host Initiative. The project is meant to utilize data to assist with such things as travel times, booking information, and Google maps in order to keep passengers updated and in-the-know with real-time information on their phones. They also came up with a smartwatch app to keep this important information convenient for their travelers.

This type of technological advancement is extremely important to many airlines and numerous airlines, are making plans to implement it. According to Jason Hope, many airlines are realizing what their customers want and that is communication and convenience. They also want their standards to be met. Jason Hope has identified that security is another important aspect that is a concern but can be limited and even eliminated with the proper procedures.

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