Recovering from sexual abuse is mentally strenuous and overhelming in all aspects of life. Standing up for yourself and prosecuting the sexual exploiters requires an unbelievable amount of courage and a strong supportive cast. Sexual abuse takes an emotional toll on an individual and Jeff Herman has devoted more than 25 years empowering abuse victims. Jeff Herman has an extensive background in the sexual abuse field and has become the nation’s leading childhood sexual abuse attorney. One of Herman’s most renowned cases incorporated Father Neil Doherty, a Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Miami, in which the verdict triumphed and obtained $100 million.
Herman’s influence during current times is still prevalent due to his ceaseless advocacy on behalf of his clients. Jeff Herman has developed a sympathy for childhood sexual abuse victims and has spent most of his efforts liberating these victims by standing up to the exploiter. Currently, the Child Victims Act (S.809) is gaining popularity due to the information that this legislative document is engendered with. This act is being covered extensively by the Herman Law Firm. Individuals with social influences, such as Actor Corey Feldman and Team USA volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard are voicing their opinions in regards to the Child Victims Act.

This bill has the potential to completely eliminate the current limitations for civil lawsuits. Present constraints with reference to these current lawsuits require actions to be taken within five years of the incident. A person would have one year to sue an individual and would have three years to file a lawsuit. In addition to civil lawsuits, a person would have five years to take action against their betrayer in criminal cases as well. With the passing of the Child Victims Act, the elimination of both civil and criminal statues of limitations regarding child sexual abuse cases would materialize and the wounds of the victims would begin to slowly regenerate.
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