Jeremy Goldstein is the famous lawyer with over 15 years of experience as a business lawyer. He has got a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of New York and currently the, managing director of his own law firm that is located in the New York city. Companies and corporations visit his company to seek some legal advice regarding the best way to reward or other to compensate their employees. After his law firm establishment, he has performed so many roles in ensuring that the company grows to greater heights. He is on the verge of ensuring that companies employ people they can afford to pay and compensate.


Jeremy Goldstein has also played very crucial roles in ensuring that he represents world’s major companies in a professional demeanor. He has worked tirelessly towards ensuring that companies like Chevron, Duke Energy, Merck, Bank One and even Verizon. Jeremy Goldstein serves on several prestigious boards. He mostly law journals boards and also happens to be a great contributor to those journals. He has published several journals that have made him become a great author. He is a famous publisher with a wide range of experience in the field. Jeremy Goldstein is also a great philanthropist and has gained lots of respect regarding his efforts in ensuring that he helps the people with certain needs in the society. He has been on the frontline ensuring that he uses his funds to help people and have helped in giving back to the society. He is a director of a non-profit organization by name Fountain House.


Jeremy Goldstein has been on the frontline responding to the corporate’s issue of not rewarding their employees. Majority of these corporates thought that they would start to save money when they stop giving out stock options but the great company lawyer tends to think otherwise. He starts by citing why employees and employers feel that these options are not favorable for them. He says that at times the value of the stock may escalate and make it so hard for these employees to exercise these options. Even after the losses, these companies are also required to report the expenses involved. He also adds that some members fear such compensation methods and at times these economic downturns make the options valueless. They resemble betting tokens and can lose their worth any time. He is definitely the best person to seek advice from.


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