Julia JacksonJulia Jackson was born in 1988 and was brought by her father to appreciate the importance of hard work. The family wine business in the rich wine country near San Francisco California offered a pleasant backdrop for learning in the hot summers, when her father required her to pick and sort the grapes in the hot summer sun.As far back as Julia can remember, she was interested in the finer points of the wine business and what it took in order for a winery to become successful. She was well-taught in that category and she has never forgotten those finer points.Growing up, Julia worked at several of the different family wineries where she worked after school and during summers. There she formed a long and admiring friendship with a French winemaker who was employed by her father. This friendship led to a summer in Bordeaux, France where she learned the French language as well as the French methods of winemaking. By the time she returned home she was well indoctrinated into the French culture as well.Julia Jackson

Julia, inspired by both parents, but primarily by her mother, who founded Cambria Estate Wines in 1987. Julia said that her dad was very smart, but he got a lot of his ideas from Julia’s mother who was brilliant. Her mother runs the company and continues to come up with new ideas in growing and marketing.Julia recently founded a nonprofit called “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment” which identifies and celebrates “Warrior Women” who have overcome obstacles and the hardships of life. There are annual cash grants that are given to needy causes. Julia claims that there are not enough in the way of examples for girls.Julia attended Scripps College and Stanford Graduate School of Business and is currently involved with Kendall-Jackson Wines as the Chief Marketer for foreign markets.