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Lori Senecal’s Exceptional Performance in Leadership

CP&B Global; a company focused on creating the most talked and written successful work in the world took on a new leadership direction at the end of 2017. This came after Lori Senecal; the company’s Chief Executive Officer announced that she would exit after serving for over two years. Before joining CP&B Global, Senecal served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of MDC Partners Network; a world’s leading communications and marketing network. While serving at CP&B, Senecal became a perfect leader who helped the company become a global agency with the flexibility of an entrepreneurial startup.

Under Lori Senecal’s world-class leadership, CP&B took over American Airlines in 2015, defeating its close competitor; TM Advertising. She also helped create a global communications process and management structure that has significantly yielded good results. Additionally, Senecal’s strong focus on talent and leadership has accelerated the agency’s growth and development across geographies and disciplines. She also led Advertising Age to identify CP+B Global as one of the Creative Innovator of the Year where she was named among the four most admirable agency executives in 1016.

Furthermore, Lori Senecal led CP+B into winning Hershey and PayPal accounts, and it was awarded the Titanium Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival for its Dominos work, adds GC Report. This is the highest award presented for inventive ideas that enhance business performance in new dimensions. The company continues to garner global results and create bold firsts for clients using a new and wide creative toolbox that aims at expertise in technology, manufacturing, and design.

One of the strategies that Senecal uses in her leadership is encouraging employees to invent and commit to the career they want. Thus, she has incubated and backed several passion projects and startups initiated by employees through agency-wide innovative competitions. While fueling organizational culture and invention, Senecal regularly provides thought leadership and industry insight. She achieves this through television appearances, op-eds, speaking engagements, and award juries.

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  1. Carlee Pierce

    June 15, 2018 at 10:12 am

    Careful implementation of the business goals has won Senecal the accolades and the success she rightly deserve in the industry. For most uses, boom essays touch well on the demands and more of this could really stand in the way of most business class. As most companies find it, there are interests that they want to keep growing and such career decisions has allowed employees to excel.

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