Mark Mofid a plastic surgeon in San Diego has dedicated his time to research on matters concerning skin surgery and enhancement and ways of ensuring that the process is safe and satisfactory to the clients. Mark has a strong background in medicine, he studied at Harvard and later joined John Hopkins University where he has been equipped with the necessary information concerning the human body. In addition to his studies, Mark Mofid has also invested in research and works closely with research experts on medical cosmetics.

His excellent education and performance in the field of plastic surgery have helped him gain trust among many of his clients. People from all over the country now seek Mark’s services as he guarantees a safe procedure and good results.

Mark Mofid values his clients, and before any procedure, he sits down with the client to help him understand what exactly the client desires to achieve from the process, after carefully analyzing the client’s needs and the possible solutions. Mark then informs the patient of the potential danger and some of the advantages they will gain form his services. This helps to create an understanding avoiding future crisis.

Once he landed in this industry, Mark has been working towards improving the sector; he learned that there was so much that could be reinvented and in the past eight years Mark has aimed to bring positive change in the medical field.

After years of research, Mark Mofid’s work was finally revealed he came up with gluteal augmentation, the art of gluteal argumentation was however discovered years ago and was more recognized in Brazil. However, this form of treatment did not receive a positive reception then, during his research Mark identified this treatment and after studying and understanding it, he came up with a way of improving gluteal argumentation making it safer and better.

Mark Mofid’s dedication and determination are admirable, and his need to ensure his patients receive the best treatments make him one of the most outstanding surgeons in the world. According to Mark, it is essential for everyone to feel confident and beautiful, he has therefore dedicated his time to ensure patients within San Diego achieve this through reconstructive surgery as well as implants such as gluteal augmentation that helps to create a balance, in turn, producing good results.