A study conducted by the Medical Center at University of Rochester revealed the devastatingly harmful aspect of electronic cigarettes to oral health. It was the first article on the subject to be posted in the digital journal, Oncotarget. The paper offers insightful peer-reviewed research articles on topics stretching from oncology, Cellular and Molecular Biology to all aspects of Pharmacology.

The survey indicated that e-cigarettes causes harm to the same degree as the conventional cigarettes: Contrary to public perception. As the study circumstantially proved, the usage of electronic cigarettes has been on the rise among young, current and former smokers, because they are falsely perceived to be healthier. The chemical elements in cigarette smoke were thought to be the cause of cavities and ill oral health. However, scientific information gathered recently reveal an overly different truth. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Dr. Irfan Rahman, a professor of Environmental Medicine at University of Rochester Medicine School unveiled, based on the findings, that when the moisture in the e-cigarette burn, it causes inflammation. Consequently, that causes an aggravation of stress within the oral cells. Eventually, users develop oral diseases. He further postulated, “The frequency of use ultimately dictates the extent of gum and tooth damage.”

Unknown to users, the different flavoring agents used in manufacturing of the electric cigarettes play a significant part in oral cells’ damage. Some of the flavorings cause even more harm to the gum than others. Regardless, the article published in Oncotarget affirmed that an electric cigarette has nicotine, whose effects on the gum and dental health are negative.

E-cigarettes are normally fitted with a battery, heater, and a cartridge which holds a narcotic liquid. The solution contains a flavoring agent and other substances. It uses the battery to heat the liquid that vaporizes. It is the aerosol that a user inhales. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

According to the author, Dr. Rahman, additional extensive research ought to be conducted to better understand the effects of e-cigarettes. Further, his concerns were polarized on the products’ manufacturers. He added that manufacturer should openly disclose the harms associated to their usage as a caution to users.