The OSI Group, also known as OSI Industries, has made several important acquisitions in the past few years.

The Dutch Manufacturer BAHO Foods

In August of 2016, OSI purchased BAHO Foods which has current manufacturing in Germany as well as the Netherlands. However, with five subsidiary companies BAHO Foods holds a significant place in certain market areas for a variety of convenience foods and deli meats that spans 18 countries in the European community.

OSI Group feels that the addition of the marketing outlets presented by the purchase of BAHO Foods will give them a springboard to establish a larger presence and increasing brand name recognition in the whole of the European community and to create more outlets in the remaining countries where they are not as well known and have had fewer outlets for their products.

John Balvers, in charge of management direction and supervision of his own team of managers has publicly stated that he and his team are totally on board with this transaction and are more than willing to work with OSI to expand and solidify all marketing efforts and development strategies to create more outlets and increase sales. Read more on

Flagship Europe

In December of 2016, the OSI Group made another major European acquisition with the purchase of Flagship Europe. Well established in the UK and well known in other European countries; combined with the previous purchase of BAHO Foods this quickly increases the presence of OSI throughout Europe and surrounding areas opening more and more opportunities

Only a few months ago in October of 2016, Flagship Europe purchased Calder Foods which provides numerous condiments such as marinades and sauces, mayonnaise and dips as well as salads for private label but also using its own two brand labels Love Fresh and Love Sauces with all these products focused on the ‘Food To Go’ crowd.

These two strategic purchases not only give the OSI Group an expansion geographically, but also give them a solid foothold in certain niche markets in the overall scope of the food service industry.

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