Although arthritis is a common joint disease, many people do not understand it. Arthritis is a general term used to refer to complications that lead to joint disease or joint pain. Today, over 100 distinct types of arthritis exist, and over 50 million grownups in the United States suffer from some form. This complication is mostly detected among aging women. Arthritis causes the highest number of disability in the U.S.


What are osteoarthritis’ risk factors?


Osteoarthritis is triggered by risk factors such as excess weight, age, family history, and previous injury. Given that osteoarthritis is degenerative and incurable, patients should be committed to self-management to slow down the severity of the condition. Arthritis self-management practices, such as exercise, daily routine, and medical treatments, should be used in combination for full relief.

What is Osteo Relief Institute?


In today’s challenging healthcare environment, you should have a competent doctor who you can trust. Osteo Relief Institute is the home such qualified doctors who are dedicated to meeting the needs of patients. The New Jersey-based medical facility has sophisticated, unique equipment to provide exceptional services. The facility offers cutting-edge pain relief solutions to its patients.


Osteo Relief Institute leverage FDA approved technology to provide its medical services ( Therefore, patients are assured of getting a perfect solution to any present with at the medical center. The primary goal of this medical giant is to assist patients in avoiding surgery by providing secure and reliable treatments.


The locations of Osteo Relief Institute are multidisciplinary medical facilities made up of a team of experienced and board-certified doctors and physical therapists that treat patients like family. Each location is well equipped and effectively trained in patient-oriented care and communication. The medical officers explain to patients these sophisticated treatments in simple and easy to understand the language to help them make smart and well-informed solutions.


Osteo Relief Institute offers non-surgical therapies for dealing with osteoarthritis of knees as well as other musculoskeletal pain. The institute develops treatment plans according to the needs of every patient. Some of the techniques used by this medical powerhouse include videofluoroscopy, state-of-the-art mechanical bracing techniques, joint lubrications injects, and other non-surgical solutions.