Effective leaders have a significant influence on the manner in which an organization is run. Moreover, effective leaders are often committed to their employees. As such, they will always work on the implementation of strategic policies with a significant focus on motivating their employees to put in a lot of work and attain the company’s set objectives. Other than that, effective leaders want to identify themselves with the scope of services the organization provides. For that reason, Penelope Kokkinides has been working at InnovaCare Health with the intention of highlighting the firm’s significant challenges along with proposing viable solutions at the same time.


Introducing InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a leading managed healthcare service provider. Moreover, the company provides seniors comprehensive health care benefits that meet extensive medical needs while contributing to patient’s emotional as well as mental health. Besides, the management of the company upholds the value of expert healthcare in the service delivery docket. Consequently, the organization partners with significant healthcare providers that share common goals and objectives. Over and above that, InnovaCare Health enjoys the leadership of healthcare experts who have developed different but excellent portfolios for service delivery.


Penelope’s Expertise

Over and above, InnovaCare Health thrives in the leadership of one Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the chief operating officer. Furthermore, she is a revered healthcare professional with more expertise in managed healthcare services. Over the past years, she worked in multiple healthcare firms with most of them affiliated with the government. For that reason, she learned how to strategize her policies to fit into the laws of the healthcare departments while serving her patients as well. Therefore, before she joined InnovaCare Health, she worked for Aveta Inc. and was in charge of government healthcare programs. Moreover, she served in the Medicaid department of healthcare programs. As such, she garnered vast experience in the administration of public healthcare services. Consequently, when she joined InnovaCare Health as the chief operating officer, she was trusted with the responsibility of streamlining the entire healthcare department for the better provision of healthcare plans.


Penelope Kokkinides Meets President Donald Trump

As per the excellent performance registered by InnovaCare Health, it is clear that effective leadership is the backbone of every established organization that leverages unparalleled services. Therefore, to take it a notch higher, Penelope Kokkinides decided to meet President Donald Trump with the intention of highlighting the organization’s proposal and support sought from the government for it to leverage the relevant health services to the people. In light of the meeting, she joined additional eight women that were selected to discuss health care legislation. For instance, since the roundtable contained likeminded individuals dedicated to leverage healthcare services with the help of their governments, Penelope Kokkinides highlighted InnovaCare’s plea for the government to increase its healthcare support for Medicaid through federal funding.


The Overview

Besides being a revered leader, Penelope Kokkinides attained a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences alongside classical languages from the prestigious Binghamton University. Moreover, she attended the New York University for a master’s degree in community development. Thereafter, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in substance abuse from the Columbia University.