In the age of technology, one’s biggest concern should not simply be securing their home, but their computer. As someone who has been attacked, and had their privacy and personal space invaded by computer hackers, I can vouch for the importance of net neutrality and personal cyber security. Online security is obvious for a large company, however, I know personally of many individuals who do not understand the importance of personal cyber security for themselves; or how at risk they actually are for an attack (HighTechChronical). Cybercrime attacks are already at large, and they are only growing faster. reports that between 2012 and 2015 alone, a whopping 4-5 billion estimated dollars alone swindled by these crooks. By 2020 those numbers will be at a detrimental high if personal cyber security is not put in action. If the Obama and Clinton administration is willing to spend millions of dollars on cyber security, than individuals like you and I should be able to invest in our own personal cyber security as well. This is why companies like Rubica exist, companies that seek to provide a simple software to put individuals at ease. A team of experienced individuals monitor your data and make sure that nothing seems out of the ordinary, protecting your identity, your bank account and anything else that belongs to you on the internet. You wouldn’t drive without car insurance, think of this as the insurance for browsing the web to ensure there is no damage.

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