Richard Mishaan is a world icon in interior design. He is the founder and chief principal designer of Richard Mishaan Design in New York. The company has created timeless, prestigious and artistic interior designs for over twenty-five years. The firm focuses on residential, and commercial clients. Richard Mishaan Design has produced the most innovative and discerning houses, hotels, and retail projects across the world. The firm`s scope has covered both the design development on projects as well as branding and marketing initiatives.


Richard Mishaan touch and style is an extensive one. His knowledge in fashion, interior design, and architecture together with his cultural roots, provide the source of his luxurious and quality projects. Mishaan was born in Colombia and raised in Italy, where he encountered a lot of colors and different heritage which gave him the inspiration to venture in design. He started his career course by apprenticing in the offices of Johnson immediately after pursuing BA at New York University and attending Columbia University School of Architecture. Richard has written several books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury which werre published by Monacelli Press. The books enlighten people on the modern ways of interior decor.


Richard Mishaan Design has done numerous projects including; Hamptons Summer Home, 93rd Street Sales Center, and Upper West Side Townhouse which are all in New York. He also redesigned the St. Regis Hotel Presidential Suites making him the most excellent designer with the reputation all over the world. Richard Mishaan Design firm is popular for its unique and distinct touch. Blending an array of fascinating furnishings and decors from different artistic styles harmonizes objects making residential spectaculars and exquisite.


The company holds and create a strong bond with its clients. Services offered are aimed to meet customer`s lifestyle and specifications. Richard Mishaan Design Company has put itself to an award-winning level. The company was recognized several times by the AD 100 and Elle D├ęcor.