Roberto Santiago is a legendary entrepreneur in João Pessoa, Brazil. Born in 1958, in João Pessoa, Roberto Santiago went to Pio X-Marist College and João Pessoa University Center where studied Business Administration. After graduating, Santiago started his career by working in a décor company in Santa Rosa. His desire for business developed further. He thus left his job to start his Cartonnage Company which manufactured cartons and decorative products.


When his cartonnage company grew and started making profits, Santiago decided to venture into the real estate business. Santiago has a great history of success. He has been a very determined person who has been tact and very entrepreneurial. Today, Santiago owns the largest and the top modern shopping mall in João Pessoa known as Manaira. The land in which the Manaira shopping mall has been built was purchased in 1987 and was developed by 1989. Inside the mall, you will find businesses such as gaming area, concert hall, theater, food court, a college, financial institutions, gymnasia, and several shopping stores.


Roberto Santiago is the most famous entrepreneur in João Pessoa. He has thrived well in the real estate industry of Brazil. His Manaira Shopping Mall, being the largest in João Pessoa, offers different services to Brazilians and its visitors.


At the Domus hall, which is located on the rooftop of the Manaira Shopping Mall, you will find conferences, musical concerts, weddings, exhibitions, fairs, and graduation ceremonies. The Domus hall is big enough to accommodate 10000 people standing and 4000 people seated. The hall is soundproofed and air-conditioned properly. The hall has the best sound equipment. People that require some privacy while holding their functions can occupy the ground floor area which can accommodate big events as well. The Domus Hall attracts both Brazilian and international artists visiting Brazil.


Manaira Shopping Mall has several entertainment options and restaurants that have both fast foods and high-end dining areas like the Waynes, Capital Steakhouse, and the Espaco Gourmet. The Santiago mall has attracted people from all over the world. Other businesses you can find inside the mall include bookshops, sports gear shops, furniture stores, jewelry, and cosmetic stalls among others.


Besides the Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago developed another shopping mall in João Pessoa known as Mangeira Shopping Mall. The Manaira and Mangeira shopping malls employ hundreds of people from different communities in João Pessoa as well as other parts of Brazil.


The malls have significantly increased the social and economic aspects of João Pessoa. This has attracted a lot of business, giving people more options and also contributing towards economic growth. The shopping malls are very strong and rarely affected by economic crises. Roberto Santiago owns and manages his two shopping malls.