When people think about innovation, they often think about a lucky stroke of genius that someone happens to think about. One thing that they miss is that a lot of thought and research goes into something before it is finalized. In the case of Roberto Santiago, his area of innovation is in the mall. For one thing, he had a passion in bringing something that people can enjoy. He has also wanted to provide a unique experience to his customers. Therefore, he has done a lot of research on what he can do in order to make his mall stand out from among the rest.


Among the topics that Roberto Santiago looked up as he was building and enhancing his mall is the history of the mall. He looked at what people have done before malls have become the place for shopping. He has also looked at different things that bring out all of the people. Among the things he has looked at is entertainment. When he has looked into entertainment, he has seen that it is one of the best ways to attract a crowd. When he has made enhancements to his mall, he has made sure that he has built spaces that are good for entertainment.


With all of the work of bring entertainment to the mall, Roberto Santiago has brought in spaces for arcades. He has also put up a concert hall and a multiplex. After managing to do this, he has thought about other ways to bring people to the mall. Other things Roberto Santiago’s mall has is a school, a full service bank and even a courtroom. People can also go to the mall for fitness based reasons. There are gyms that people can join so that they can get their workout.


One of the reasons that Manaira Shopping is one of the best places to go is that people can take part in activities that complement each other. For instance, people can go get a workout and then eat at a healthy restaurant. This will help them get in the best shape of their lives.