Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most influential rally drivers Brazil has seen in the recent past. The 41-year-old rally ace has struck a chord with the Brazilian rally fans. He is so celebrated because if his simplicity, yet he is such a star. Rodrigo Terpins is also the Senior Director of T5 Partipacoes Company. He is a celebrated hero both on the race track and socially. He also happens to come from a family of heroes. His elder brother Michel has driven beside Rodrigo as a partner in many prototype T1 rallies. The decision to drive together and make such a formidable team is an inspiration to many fans and families too. It is a sign of the strength of unity in families.

Rodrigo Terpins on Social Media

Rodrigo Terpins has opened several social media accounts to connect with his fans. He has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. He uses these accounts to acknowledge the support he receives from his fans. Rodrigo Terpins is a rally magnate. He arouses lots of emotion when he shows up on the podium and even while driving along the Brazillian terrain in the competitions. He is a crowd-puller on the ground. Thousands of fans line up to see their hero zoom along on the roads as he seeks to out-compete his rivals. Now Rodrigo Terpins uses his social media accounts to interact with his fans and bond with them. He prefers using his Facebook account to update his fans on the latest events in the world of rallying.

About Rodrigo Terpins

He is said to have had a passion for cars. He still maintains the passion to date. Mr. Terpins also takes part in the Bull Sertoes Rally. In recent events, he partnered with Fabricio Manchiana to clinch the sixth position; although analysts still say that he drives better when he partners with his elder brother Michel Terpins who came fifth in that race. Rodrigo has also studied corporate governance and management. He is in charge of T5 Partipacoes activities relating to organizing rallies, but in what seems to even astound and impress his colleagues and fans alike, he still finds time to participate in the T1and Bull Sertoes rallies.