One of the building blocks of a functional society is having a political system where elected representatives are accountable to the people who elected them. While this sort of accountability is baked into our government the rise of a kind of political organization that is known as a Super PAC (Super Political Action Committee) has disrupted the standard chain of accountability that is supposed to exist between an elected official and the constituents who have elected them.

The organizations that are known as Super PACs have disrupted our political system as a result of loose campaign finance laws. While there was once a set of campaign finance laws in place that restricted the amounts of money that outside groups such as unions and corporations could contribute to a candidate’s political campaign, campaign finance laws were weakened to allow groups such as corporations to have an outsized influence in the political process by donating to the candidate that furthers their own agendas through Super PACs according to The problem however with allowing entities such as a corporation to donate large amounts of money to a candidate who is running for office is the obvious fact that they can use their money to influence the policy decisions that their candidate makes if they win their election. They might even use their money to push an agenda that harms the well-being or quality of life of the constituents that the elected official in question is supposed to serve. That said given the ways that Super PACs have distorted the electoral process groups such as End Citizens United have stepped up to do try to do their part to make campaign finance laws more fair and less amenable to donors who could make elected officials less accountable to their constituents.

End Citizens United is a political action committee (not a Super PAC) that is working to help elect candidates who will serve as champions for campaign finance reform. They have worked to raise funds for candidates who are invested in undoing the damage that has been done by the Citizens United court ruling. Fortunately more sitting members of congress are beginning to agree with End Citizens United regarding the untoward role that Super PACs are playing in politics. They understand that in order for the electoral system to function properly the voice of the voters must be prioritized. Recently Senator Corey Booker of New Jersey took a stand by announcing that he would no longer be taking any political donations from Super PACs that were funded by corporations. End Citizens United applauded the Senator choice to make this pivotal decision. End Citizens United noted that Corey Booker’s decision to stop receiving campaign contributions from corporate Super PACs demonstrated his commitment to be accountable to constituents rather than prioritizing the influence of special interests.

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