About Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital LLC is a private equity company based in Connecticut. It provides public companies with structured finance and advice through their broad range of financial solutions. It helps clients execute their financial plans by employing a skilled executive team that has a deep understanding of the market. Since 1996, it has invested in domestic and international growth companies with an amount totaling to $1.8 billion. With a history of financing more than 250 companies, it knows the problems that each company undergoes and offers expert consultation on corporate issues. For more info you can check out crunchbase.com



Services offered

Southridge Capital’s advisory function covers services such as financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, procedures for mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice and legal settlement. Its structured finance umbrella entails securitization, financing solutions, and credit-enhancing. Knowing that people requiring financing do not take advantage of all opportunities, it gives companies Equity Purchasing Agreements (EPA), helps them eliminate debt to raise their creditworthiness and monetize their asset base through loans. Examples of EPAs entered into are one with Elite Data Services in July 2015 and another with eLayaway in 2012, both of which are technology companies.


Southridge’s CSR

It believes in ethics to strengthen and improve itself as well as positively impact the community and whole society. Southridge appreciates social responsibility by engaging in philanthropic acts, voluntary work, and community leadership. It has partnered with Daystar Foundation to financially support many organizations like Save a Child’s Heart, Ridgefield Sunrise cottage, among others. According to Hicks, the Founder of Southridge Capital, it has helped noble causes and has been engaged in charitable donations for decades. To them, it is not only their mission, but it is also a commitment to make a significant influence on people’s lives and exemplify what charitable giving can achieve. You can visit their facebook page to see more.


The management team

Southridge has five people in its management team. Stephen M. Hicks, serves as the CEO, Henry B. Sargent is General Counsel and COO, Laurence J. Ditkoff is the Director of Research, Narine Persaud is CFO and the Controller while Linda Carlsen is a portfolio management team member.



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