Students at Rocketship Education schools always have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, surround themselves in their studies, and apply themselves to hitting new goals. At the start of each school term, students and teachers return with a renewed sense to achieve all that they can in their education, knowing that they have the full support of the learning community behind them. A new sense of motivation is important for every student in order to spur them on for the duration of the academic year ahead of them.

Along with the motivation necessary at the start of every term, it is important for each child at Rocketship Education to gain independent study skills in order to succeed in their studies. Habits like these should be allowed to grow and develop as they get older, and this is something that small charter school environments are able to instill in each child that passes through the door. The communal learning experience that is part of the Rocketship model makes it easier for every student to hit those education goals that each student sets for themselves.

Rocketship Education is a charter school system that was set up to bring the opportunity of a good education to communities that have been left behind by the public education system. The belief is that with involved administrators, educators, and parents, each and every child can succeed in life when they have a strong educational foundation and the support of the community in their tool kit. The schools have been very successful, and both families and students feel strongly about both the quality of education and impact each school has had on their community.

Most important though is the role that the schools require of parents, knowing that when the entire family is invested in the education of the student, it can really impact the success of their student.