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The innovative world of Lovaganza 2020

There are so many things humanity lacks and takes for granted. A few of those things are intangible love, unity, peace,compassion and understanding. It would be absolutely groundbreaking if there was a way to make those thing real and tangible. Wouldn’t it? We get ready to be wowed! The traveling show known as Lovaganza is doing just that with its upcoming Lovaganza 2020 event “Embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world”. This experimental festival will use innovation, creativity, and technology to make this a reality for people all over the world.

Beginning in May 2020 and traveling all over the world throughout September, to reunited humanity again. Lovaganza show will be stopping in America, The Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and even Oceania. Through film, live showcases and exhibition the event will promote peace,love,hope,compassion,and understanding for all cultures.

The film will offer an inside look at cultures and traditions on lovaganza.com from many different parts of the world. This amazing film won’t be viewed on just any screen , but the Immerscope. The Immerscope is a 180- degree glass free wraparound 3D screen in a circus like tent. Get ready for a motion picture experience like no other. Lovaganza film is being shot in some unique and authentic locations including California, Florida, Spain, India, France,Africa, and even the breathtaking Tahiti.

The event will incorporate professional dancers, showcased actors and even acrobatic routines. Another unique and unorthodox way Lovaganza is promoting unity and love is in the “Hands across the world” experience. All participants will hold hands instantaneously. What is mind blowing is this will connect continents by use of a unity machine. The machine will actually create a virtual world for people to connect in.

The message is clear Lovaganza is breaking barriers that have never been broken in ways we could only imagine. The event will bring so much insight and understanding of cultures and experiences never before felt. The world will forever be changed by the experience that Lovaganza 2020 will gift the world with.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://www.designideas.pics/lovaganza-2020/

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