USHEALTH group is a collection of companies that has focused on providing health coverage for self-employed people and small business owners. The Group has a comprehensive portfolio that allows them to customize solutions to meet specific client needs. The health cover provider has over 50 years’ experience in the industry and offers flexible, affordable and secure plans for the families. USHEALTH Group has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Through its subsidiaries, the institution provides its services with the intention of being the institution of choice among the Americans. Over the span of 50 years, USHEALTH Group has served over 15 million customers with customized health coverage plans.

The institution has widened it service provision through affiliate companies like; Freedom Life Insurance Company, the National Foundation Life Insurance Company, and the Enterprise Life Insurance Company. These three subsidiary companies are all based in 300 Burnett Street, Suite 200 in Fort Worth, Texas. When it comes to diseases, the USHEALTH Group recognizes that people have different needs. Therefore, the client’s choice is put into considerations, and the most appropriate cover is determined. This kind of service allows for flexibility, affordability, and reliability.

For clients working with a small budget, the institution provides a portfolio of innovative products which provide first dollar benefits for the services rendered. These collections provide for an affordable, quality based and best assurances. Without considering the type of health coverage a client chooses, the company’s goal is to provide a full line of ancillary products, including dental plans, short term disability cover among many others. USHEALTH Group has sought to create long-lasting relationships with their customers making them a trusted service provider that delivers on its promises. The health coverage provider ranked in the top 50 North American call centers in 2013. It is, therefore, one of the companies with the best customer service in the region.

USHEALTH Group provides Life Protector Coverage. The institution understands that life is fragile, and when we cannot control some of the events that occur in our lives, it is only important to ensure that we guarantee our loved ones a meaningful life. In case someone meets an untimely demise, Life Protector Coverage ensures that the family is financially secured. The Life Protector package comes with a 10 years renewable term life insurance. The coverage provides for payment of the mortgage, childcare, and expenses. It is not taxable to the beneficiaries. The life protector is economical and gives one a peace of mind. However, the benefits only mature in the event of unexpected death.

USHEALTH subsidiaries understand that one approach to health coverage does not entail all the client’s needs. They have, therefore, adopted a mechanism that satisfies the customers need without compromising on the standards of the company.