The other day I stumbled on a review of a product I had heard about for years, but never tried. And when I say stumbled I truly mean stumbled, as I was googling things like “how to make thin hair shiny without grease,”Guthy-Renker hair care products” ” “how to give life to thin hair,” and equally desperate search terms. I found a great article from that followed the writer along for seven days as she tried out Wen by Chaz for the very first time.

If you don’t know what WEN by Chaz is, it’s a line of incredibly rich, healthy products created by ultra-celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. The company has been around for over 15 years and has sold 40 million bottles of their super product, Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

The cleansing conditioner took the QVC beauty market by storm by providing a product that combined 5 products in one. Instead of using shampoo as we know it, that has lather and often harsh chemicals that can strip your hair, it cleanses in a gentle, natural manner. While cleansing, Wen also infuses hair with luxurious moisture, leaving hair soft, silky and actually nourished (rather than just with a coat of chemicals).

The author of the article, Emily McClure, used Wen on her ultra-fine hair for 7 days and meticulously reports her findings along with pictures. To recap, while she saw a bit of change as her hair transitioned, by day 7 her hair was noticeably softer, shinier and had a healthy look that she received multiple compliments on. What was most encouraging was that even after just one use she noticed Wen made her gave her hair shine and bounce, a key for thin hair that often has a limp look.

To follow along with Emily’s trip down Wen lane, you can read the whole article on by following this link:

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