Wild Ark is all about traveling to various destinations and protecting what may be considered some of the worlds wildest places. The purpose of Wild Arc is to identify Green Belts throughout the world and protecting land as well as wildlife. In addition, serious attempts are being made to conserve wildlife and develop interesting research opportunities for anyone whom is interested in nature and all it has to offer its inhabitants.


Wild Ark has devoted professionals on their team that are attempting to educate others about wildlife as well as the beautiful earth in which we live. It is a wonderful thing to gain an appreciation for the world in which we live. The animals make the world a much nicer place for a variety of reasons. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2017/03/25/the-last-21-km-of-fenceline-between-david-pocock-and-his-wildest_a_21884731/


Wild Ark professionals are attempting to spread the word to others so they can hopefully gain a new appreciation for the universe, the animals and the world in which we live in each and every day. People do not really take the time to think about how fortunate they are to have access to beautiful surroundings and the beauty of nature itself. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/29/david-pocock-will-spend-his-sabbatical-saving-the-world/


It is important to preserve the earth and the beautiful creatures for future generations. The planet must be protected from destructive forces that could ultimately ruin the beautiful world that we sometimes take for granted.


Wild Ark was founded by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson. Sophie and Mark are concerned about wildlife and possible dangers that could destroy wildlife and natural resources. Therefore, they are attempting to raise awareness through their organization in hopes of making a difference.